Home on the Range Animal Haven was founded on February 12, 2012 and began with a focus on neglected, abused, and abandoned animals with nowhere else to go. Our story is that we have evolved into a haven not only for animals but a refuge for humans searching for hope and healing through the unconditional, non-judgmental love of an animal.

Our dedicated core of unpaid volunteers and board members work tirelessly with the animals and community groups, along with a larger circle of youth volunteers to accomplish our mission to provide a safe haven for animals and people.

We partner with community organizations like Cathedral Home for Children, Peak Wellness Center, Wyoming Cowboy ChalleNGe Academy, ARK Regional Services, and several elementary schools to do projects on behalf of the animals while at the same time receiving healing ​through their interactions with the animals.

For example, we host cadet volunteers from the Wyoming Cowboy ChalleNGe Academy Initiative that provides a safe, disciplined and professional learning environment to empower non-traditional learners to improve their educational level and employment potential and become responsible productive citizens of the State of Wyoming.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter from Christi Parrish at WCCA:
“Cadets are allowed hands-on time with the animals which truly is an amazing experience to witness. Some of our cadets come from unfathomable backgrounds of neglect and abuse. The unconditional love they receive from the animals is absorbed and retained by the cadets and it lifts their spirits. The animals at HO RAH recognize pain and sadness when humans don’t. It’s amazing how the cadets with the worst demons bond to the less social animals. The cadets talk and vent their problems to these loving animals and leave with a full heart. There is no judgment from the animals regarding someone’s past, religion, economic status, gender, or ethnicity. Cadets take this experience back to share with other cadets to encourage them to complete the program.

Home on the Range is so much more than an animal rescue. The animals themselves come from poor conditions, often neglected, and turned over to slaughter when the owners no longer want to care for them. When they arrive at Home on the Range they are provided with quality food and more love than they ever thought possible. This is how Home on the Range is able to give back so much to the community. It’s a cycle we cannot let end. It’s not about one struggling non-profit, it’s about the love and joy of animal kinship with the struggling human to make both whole again.”

We also host youth and adults with intellectual disabilities and acquired brain injuries from ARK Regional Services. The ARK participants find purpose in visiting with and grooming the HORAH animals.

Elementary school classes come and learn about these wonderful animals and understand what it means to give to something larger than themselves.

For many of these animals, Home On the Range is a place of last resort. But, it’s also an end to the neglect, abuse, and abandonment… perhaps the only things they have ever known. As a way to earn their keep in their new safe home, they give the people who visit a renewed sense of healing and purpose. There is no greater satisfaction than to see a young person walk a little taller, realizing there is a caring animal that responds to them with total acceptance—giving them a new sense of hope.