The Animals

From donkeys and chickens to sheep and horses, goats and ponies to roosters and cats, our animals all find a safe haven at Home on the Range. Neglected, abused, and abandoned, these animals have nowhere else to go. But they find a home and purpose when they arrive here, providing a way for humans to seek healing and hope in the warm, accepting eyes of a rescued animal.


Webster & Chester have been best friends the whole lives. They came to HORAH when their owner had to move to a nursing home.

More Photos


This is Simon, he is VERY excited about his food. Simon is 36 years old and gets a mash of pellets and beet pulp twice a day because his teeth just aren’t what they used to be.

Good Morning sounds from HORAH.

Donkey talk on a frosty morning.

This hay is delicious. We are appreciative to the donor and for the spring thaw!

Slideshow of some of the daily happenings at HORAH.